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  1. As an international student, its not possible to visit the place before signing a lease. The best place to start is to look at tenant union as pointed out by @eggfish. After u accept ur offer and activate ur NetId stuff, you can get information from tenant union regarding different apartment's feedback over the year with a complete list. I would recommend you to talk to a few current grad students whom you might know and ask them regarding particular apartments before signing the lease. Most of them suggested me not to take the university housing due to the fact that better options are availab
  2. @compscian Thanks.. I will keep those info in mind and yeah I am from IIT and good luck with your this season admits.. you have got some great admits in ML
  3. Hi @Sura I have a ChBE acceptance with roughly 28K stipend. I was also thinking about the grad housing but talking to a few grad students there, I realized that the grad houses like orchard down are mostly full of post-docs and most of the grad students don't live there. But still I think its a good deal. I personally don't prefer single room life its nice to have a couple of people around. . Hopefully I will see you at UIUC. best of luck with your decisions on choosing among ur accepted programs
  4. Hi everyone I thought I would start a UIUC Fall 2016 thread. You can post here if you are looking for roommates, or share any information about the place or anything of the sort. Personally, I am looking for housing options. I have officially accepted the offer for PhD in Chemical Eng. and I am looking for one or two roommates to rent an affordable apartment. I look forward to hearing replies.
  5. Oh great!! I will be there too on 26th and 27th. Hope to see you there.
  6. @Dawnbreaker Thanks. I have also applied to UC Berkeley, Stanford, Michigan, Georgia Tech, Ut Austin, Purdue and Cornell. (check ur inbox for the IIt one )
  7. Hi guys, I just received PhD offer from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I am kind of surprised. It seems to be very early in the application process to send offers.
  8. Hello I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology. I have decent grades of 8.7/10 and my research profile is also probably good with 2 first authored journal papers (IF>6.5) and 2 first authored conferences. GRE: 326. I am applying for PhD in Chemical Eng. at US universities. Can some of you please suggest some safe universities that I can look into with this kind of profile. Can Cornell or CMU Chemical Engineering be seen as safe university in this field? Thanks
  9. Hello everyone! I am applyng of chemical engineering, PhD programs, Fall 2016 at universities in US. I was thinking, may be you guys can help me with a few doubts that I have, based on your past application experience or whatever experience you have. Is it advisable or recommended to contact your potential research supervisors at the school you are applying? If yes, then when is the right time to do so? Thanks in advance for your help.
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