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  1. Laurian, I am so sorry. Maybe you can reapply to the history department for next year and start with your archives classes this year. That is, if you still plan to attend UMD. I might be going this fall after all. How are you planning on paying the ridiculous out of state tuition?
  2. Finally! I received an email letting me know I was admitted this morning. No word on funding. I'm going to defer to next year I think.
  3. UMD is driving me crazy! I applied over two months ago with stellar letters of rec, 3.5 UGPA and 3.7 grad GPA, 1370 GRE, and strong personal statement. And.....*crickets* They sent out an email saying that they would email decisions by the end of March. Um, it's the 25th. There are only 4 business days left in the month. Nothing like keeping us in suspense! Moreover, there are NO grad assistantships (ANYWHERE on campus) listed on the job website. I find it hard to believe that no departments are hiring GAs right now.
  4. Univ of Maryland emailed all applicants today to say that there were 800 applicants to the MLS program and that decisions would not be made until the end of March. Even with a 3.5 GPA and 1370 GRE (and with one master's degree already under my belt), I'm feeling very nervous. UMD is the only school I applied to and the only program that interests me.
  5. Hi Kevin, I only applied to UMD. I want to do a joint degree in Archives and History. I just barely made the 2/1/10 deadline. GRE requirement was waived because I already have a graduate degree, but I went ahead and submitted my scores (V:590, Q:780). My undergrad GPA is 3.56 and my graduate GPA is 3.7. I really, really hope I get in. Maybe I should select a back-up school.
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