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  1. DPT Physical Therapy Admissions

    2008 isn't THAT long ago! haha I once shadowed a man who was a flight attendant for 25 years and after that decided to go to PT school. Needless to say he now works at several hospitals in Boston living his dream. My sister just graduated from Med School and her decision to go actually helped me decide not to go. I realized that you have to really want it or have a niche you're interested in and I honestly gravitate more towards the body. That's awesome how you found your way into PT! I feel that's how most of us end up applying haha. Man I HATED the GRE after all that studying but it has to be done! My overall GPA now at Boston University is a 3.5 and I actually got really similar GRE scores to you! Same here, I just want to be competitive for the schools I'm applying to! I'm getting so anxious checking my email everyday, I just want an interview!
  2. DPT Physical Therapy Admissions

    Haha I'm feeling exactly the same way! So I submitted through PTCAS in mid-july (I forgot the exact date) as most of my program deadlines are in December/January. I know you mentioned some of yours were in November which is really early! Pretty much all of mine were December 15th or January 15th, so now I just have to play the waiting game. That's awesome to hear your applications are under review already! I know all of mine are submitted and ready for review but I'm pretty sure I wont hear about interviews, etc. until late November/early December. Some of mine are rolling and others have told me that I'll hear back "closer to the program deadline" which I know isn't really specific, but I don't want to bother the admissions committee either with tons of questions! Most of my class sizes are around 30-50 students, I know Springfield is around 48 or something close to that, just depends on the program. Smaller programs like the University of Hartford I know have around 30 spots. Funny you mention being a chef as that's what I was considering long before I got into undergrad! Haha What did you major in Undergrad? I'm in Exercise Science right now and am set to graduate this December.
  3. DPT Physical Therapy Admissions

    Hey SCEdge86, So awesome to hear someone else is applying to a DPT program as well! I felt like I was the only one for a second. I live in New England so I'm applying to schools like Boston University, Northeastern, Sacred Heart University, some state schools like UCONN, and some others like Springfield College, University of Hartford, UMass Lowell, etc. Mine all hold interviews as well. I haven't heard back anything either, but about half of mine are rolling admission so I'm hoping anytime now? One of my friends goes to Sacred Heart and already got an interview to the DPT program, but she is also an internal student whereas I would be an external applicant so I'm sure they take their own before going to external applicants first. Still I'm super nervous on my end!
  4. Hey guys! I just wanted to start a thread and see if anyone here is applying to any DPT programs. If so, where have you applied and have you heard back yet?