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  1. My guess would be if you dont hear anything from them during the first two weeks of Feb. it is most likely rejection. I am also waiting but I dont have high hope.
  2. It's a brutal day for Northwestern Applicant. Guess it's not meant to be
  3. Their website says that they will send out decision in Feb
  4. Hi Kate, this housing option sounds really great but I am wondering what is the commitment that you have to make with this program. I am attending as a graduate student so I would love to find out the time commitment for such a great opportunity.
  5. Thanks for the information. I will send them an email just to notify them about this.
  6. Congrats! I am still waiting for them. My application mark incomplete even though I turned in everything tho so that's kind weird.
  7. Thanks for the information Kaffee, I am also waiting for Northwestern and glad to hear that they are starting to make their move. Congrats! I think next week will be important because according to the result page letters will be sent out next week.
  8. I had the same email too! good luck buddy!
  9. I think you can check for questions in last year posts. It should be about your research, personality and language skills I think.
  10. So what do you guys think about Munger? is it a good place to stay for your first year as a graduate student?
  11. I am applying for Berkeley too and I am in the same shoe as you guys. It's my super reach school tho so I did not give it too much hope. Just enjoy the holidays coming up next and ready to be active in January!!
  12. I was accepted into Notre Dame in November with a much lower stats than yours and I also submitted mid November. I think my current research project fits one of their group really well. I think you should be able to get an acceptance from them with your stat. I dont know about other schools so I cant give you any insight but your stats seem impressive so I think you have a good chance with each of them. Most school will send out their decision in the week of 1/4 so dont worry about it too much and enjoy your holidays.
  13. My application is in the same situation. They received everything but still mark it as incomplete. I wouldn't sweat about it tho.
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