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  1. How did you know that he/she has a perfect GPA? Many other variables, such as publications, recommendation from a POI, etc., may affect the result.
  2. One more rejection from the gradsurvey guys We can expect that we will hear from them on Friday or Saturday.
  3. In my case, I have two more weeks to wait. They have promised me three weeks (I did my interview last week).
  4. I had my personal interview yesterday. Strangely, it was only 16 minutes. The interviewer said that I could expect to hear the result in two or three weeks.
  5. The rumor I talked about is the Mecca thing. The name of the program is VSRP. You can search it in KAUST website. Good luck
  6. May I know where you submitted your papers? IEEE trans. on? My suggestion is how about being a research student for 6 months. While doing it, you can apply for Fall 2016. I also heard about the rumor. Being subtle about it is better, IMHO. Good luck
  7. GPA: 3.92/4.00 no GRE TOEFL: 99. Very standard Yours is near perfect. You must feel very optimistic.
  8. My question was in the condition where we already have a professor's recommendation. Do you have a personal opinion about this?
  9. Thank you JDeane. If my understanding is correct, since you had the personal interview in September, now you can only wait for the final result to be announced, right? Anyway, do you have an example where an applicant having a recommendation from a professor was rejected? I thought having a recommendation from a professor can somehow guarantee you.
  10. Hi guys, I am going to have the personal interview the next week after next week. Do you know what to expect? Has anyone received the personal interview invitation?
  11. My friend was rejected two years ago without having any interview. I had another friend who were accepted last year. He didn't hear any news about his interview at that time for a few months. Then, he decided to contact his candidate professor directly. After that his professor helped him regarding his application, such as his professor followed up his application to the admission team. Therefore, I suggest you to contact your candidate professor. I hope this can help you.
  12. At least you should've contacted your candidate professor.
  13. Congratulations! I wish you luck with your interview. Looking forward to hearing the update from you.
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