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  1. Hi, I was accepted at Johns Hopkins and rejected their offer at the end of February. I hope this helps some of you on the waiting list. They told me that they were expecting a cohort of 4-5 people this year.
  2. Hi, I applied to Duke. I was expected news by now too... I was able to login to the system, but no updates or notifications! We just have to wait!
  3. Congrats to the admits! Me toooo! Anxiously checking my email.. does anyone know if they sent all their acceptances together? Should we assume rejection by now?
  4. Hi everyone! I am probably going to graduate studies at UNC and my partner to Duke, of Fall 2016. What are your opinions on housing locations? We would like to get an apartment close to main streets or walkable distance to restaurants or shops, where there is a greater presence of graduate students. We are aware that we will still need a car in order to go to either university. Would you recommend living in Chapel Hill, Carrboro or Durham? Which areas? Thanks!
  5. About DiMaggio, I contacted him a couple of months ago and he let me know that he was retiring to NYU this year. This is why I did not apply to Princeton. Did anyone hear from Berkeley or Duke?
  6. Hi everyone! I am new to gradcafe and I am wondering if there is any post on what to expect for a skype interview for sociology PhD programs? What kind of conversation is this? Typical questions? I am an international student. I would really appreciate any information on this. Thanks!
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