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  1. Oh non! Good luck for the future. They sent you an e-mail?
  2. Are you sure ? I am living in France (very far from Middle East) and they have invited me for a 3rd interview.
  3. Wait bro! I received the confirmed booking yesterday for the flight.
  4. Like I said in my previous post, November, 11th like you
  5. I received the same e-mail as the personal interview. I have passed the personal interview November, 11th and I received this e-mail yesterday. The interview is scheduled November, 26th. The flight and hotel reservation could be sponsored by KAUST. Otherwise I know nothing. It seems to be the normal protocol (face-to-face interview). Best
  6. Same as you bro. I have to go to Istanbul for a 3rd interview.
  7. Great! They told when you will get an answer ?
  8. Not yet. I had the 1st interview on the 31th October. I am waiting
  9. Hello guys. Sorry I was a little bit busy. The academic interview went very well. The POI asked me some questions about my research experience and background. The duration was 30 min. He told me that HR will contact me in 2 weeks maybe. I am applying for PhD program
  10. Hi guys! I have been contacted yesterday by the POI for the Academic Interview. The interview is scheduled tomorrow. In the e-mail he just told me that I have been selected by the academic committee for this interview and it needs to be done as soon as possible. I will update here after the interview. See you guys !!
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