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  1. Thank you for your reply! It's helpful to read about other peoples experiences. I will be studying the language I will use(Telugu) next year through AIIS. My school does not offer the language, but I have put out a bunch of emails to see if there is a community member/faculty member who allow me to do a bit of independent study. The problem is that I am going before that time. Thank you again for your reply, Eugenio
  2. Hello everyone! I recently finished the first year of my phd program in Anthropology. My focus is in South India, and I was awarded a Pilot Research grant in order to go to India this summer and start making contacts/finding my future research site. Although I like the University I attend, and am grateful for this opportunity, I have not been given much guidance on what to actually do. I am leaving for India towards the end of August, and have selected a few sites to visit(my research has to do with Muslim's who participate in Hindu religious rituals), but at this time I do not speak the language necessary to properly communicate with people. One of the few things I was told is that I do not have to produce a paper or anything like that with this grant, but I would like to if possible. I have some friends in the area I will be going to, and it is through them that I have began to navigate my journey. I should note that I have already been to India 9 times, and so navigating around India is not my concern. Any advice would be great. Also, I do not have a background in Anthropology, and the Anthropology theory classes are not until next year, so I am also unclear on which direction to turn towards when writing about my upcoming experiences. Thanks in advance, Eugenio
  3. Hello, I have been lurking on this forum for a while and find it very helpful, and need advice. I have an undergrad in Religious Studies, and a master’s degree in Social Work, and want to pursue my Ph.D. in anthro. My masters is a result of family pressure, and was not something I wanted to do (all education is useful, but I do not like Social Work). I didn’t know much about anthropology when I was doing my undergrad, otherwise I would have done my undergrad in it. This past fall I applied to do my Ph.D. in Anthropology and did not get accepted to any of the schools I applied to. I contacted the universities I applied to get a better idea of why I didn’t get accepted. Only one of the universities gave me a response, and basically said my lack of background in Anthro was the reason I did not get accepted. I currently am studying to retake the GRE (even though that was not a noted concern, I still feel I should do it again to improve my score), and I am going to rework my LOP. I contacted several universities about going back and getting my undergrad in Anthropology, and they have all stated that they do not accept students to do another undergrad. I think one of the problems was my research interest, which perhaps was not worded in a way that sounds like anthropology (I want to research the effect the Muslim rule of India had on a culture of a particular state of India). I am fine studying most topics in India, but the struggle I am having is how to word my entire LOP. In the one I used I went through my educational background, and tied it into anthropology (please note I am referring to cultural anthropology). I have searched the web and cannot find many examples of purpose statements in anthropology, and so I feel very stuck. I am looking to apply to schools again, but I am nervous (I was very disappointed to not get in anywhere obviously), and because no one in my family has gone to college, let alone have any knowledge of anthropology, I have no place to turn for advice. I also went through all of my education and tried to tie it to anthro, but I do not know if that was effective. I should also mention that I have reached out to staff in anthropology and have not gotten responses (I know they are busy with other matters). Again any advice would be great. Thanks, Eugenio P.S. Before someone comments, I am aware of the bleak career outlook for professors in Anthro, and still want to do my Ph.D. in it.
  4. Sorry for my late response everyone! Thank you for your advice. I bought the official practice exam, and though its useful to know the explanations for the answers, I am disappointed that it costs so much and provides nothing to study. To be honest I thought the state exam was a bit of a joke because it is open book, and I googled everything(apparently that's what most people do as well). I would assume that if someone has a BSW/MSW they would know how to look for information. I will look up the book mentioned above. Thanks again!
  5. Hello, I know this is not exactly the ideal place to posting the following questions, but I have not been able to find any message board/forum that deals with this topic. I have an MSW, and have a job in which I need to obtain certification. I took, and passed, the state certification, and now it is time for me to register and take the masters level certification examine(it's called an APSW exam in my stated). The problem is that I have no idea how to go about studying. I bought the "guide" they sell in their official website, but all it is is a practice exam in which it has questions and gives the answers in the back. Don't get me wrong, I am sure this will be useful, but in the meantime I am struggling to figure out what exactly I should study. I can't find any study guides online, nor is there a lot of information on what terms/information I should study. Any advice would be great! P.S. My focus during my MSW was child welfare, and I didn't really have any classes that were not related to child welfare.
  6. Hello everyone,I need some advice/suggestions. I am applying for Masters/Ph.D. programs in History. I have everything done except for the statement of purpose (I wrote what the website says about it below), and I honestly have no idea where to even begin to write this. I already have a master’s degree in social work, and although social work is a great profession, it is not for me. I am not sure how to talk about that. Is it worth hiring someone to help me with the statement? To be honest I am freaking out because I want to get in someone, but it all feels very overwhelming and unreachable right now. Any advice/help would be great. I have read sample statements, but I still don’t even know how to set it up.Here is what the website wrote about what to include in the statement of purpose:The Statement of Purpose explains your reasons for graduate study. This 2-3 page document is the hardest part of the application to write. While it will likely include some autobiographical information, its primary purpose is to acquaint us with how your mind works. We want to know, for example, what kinds of intellectual problems and issues interest you, whose stories intrigue you, what sorts of analytical or narrative approaches you like to pursue, which historical writings you admire—and your reasons for these various preferences. Please help us understand your decision to enter the historical profession and how you see your own role in it.Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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