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  1. Serious question. Can masters students wear "Yale" hoodies? Can phd students wear "MIT" hats?
  2. So. What now? Does anyone have any useful links/resources on how to handle the summer before grad school? 1. When is tuition normally due? 2. When is enrollment open? 3. What is the timeline etiquette for contacting potential research groups? etc. Thanks
  3. Go for it. You will figure out the finances one way or the other.
  4. I guess I'm paranoid the offer will be pulled. This would never happen, right?
  5. Have you told friends/family yet?
  6. Is anyone else with an informal e-mail acceptance getting REALLY antsy for that official letter to send back?
  7. Anyone apply for biomedical informatics this year? What is the value of a Masters in this field?
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