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  1. Gender Studies- fall 2016

    Was wondering if anyone has heard back from UBC (Canada) yet? I got into Queen's and UofT but I need to know !!!
  2. Should I Take a Break Before Grad School? (MSOT)

    Personally I think taking time off is good for growth. Sometimes we may need the time to just kick back and check in with ourselves. How are we feeling? Are we ready to move on? For me moving onto grad school or work is terrifying. Some may opt to take time off to just take a break mentally which is good for your mental health! I didn't choose to apply to medical school this year while all my classmates were. I felt that I just wan't ready or mature enough to take on those responsibilities. I wanted to take my time and re-evaluate myself, do some mental check-ins, get some more life experience first. Often times we focus so much on WHAT CAN I BE DOING and not HOW AM I DOING. And grad school apps take time! So maybe having some time off to just travel, work, and focus on apps could also be good for you in the long run! But if you feel like at the end of the ltitle break, you wouldn't want to go back to school.. even if you wanted to.. then by all means follow your instincts and continue onto grad school ! (: Just my two cents!
  3. Advice needed! I feel somewhat stuck at the moment. Let me start by sharing some information about myself. I am an undergraduate Life Science student with a minor in Gender Studies. I am also receiving a certificate in Sexual and Gender Diversity. I have been very involved with the department of Gender studies whether in student council or departmental organization. I've also conducted a research fellowship with the department of gender studies. I love this department. However, I also love my sciences. I've volunteered in a gynaecology lab for the past two years. I felt that going into gynecology allowed me to use both my gender studies and life sciences knowledges. Personally, I have struggled as a LGBT youth. I want to translate this into an MA project. I want to be able to help future generation LGBT youth. I have completed some applications and have got references from professors already. I was so set on doing this.. UNTIL my gynaecology lab approached me to tell me that they are looking for a MSc student in their lab next year. They already have a project and funding put aside for this project. The project is also really interesting and in some form or another I could use my gender studies knowledge within my project. this would be specific to women's studies and not LGBT studies. I would just have to apply. Do I do what is comfortable and already set in the sciences (getting in) or jump into the deep waters and apply for an MA to hopefully get accepted? My issue is that the doctor in charge of the gynaecology lab would need to know ASAP so they wont go looking for another student. I can't wait too long. If I told him I am applying to the MA program so I might have to wait on it.. he would think that MSc is my second choice.. since he already agreed to take me on. In the far future, I would someday like to become a gynecologist (yes, med school) whilst being an activist in the LGBT community. So here I am caught between my two loves. One is my life struggle and one is my life interest. Which one would you choose? Would you choose to grow professionally or personally? Any advice would be appreciated.