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  1. Thank you. I will think about that. That is actually very helpful.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Yes I would like to do both masters in economics. However I would choose different masters. Like one in health economics and the other one in in something more finance related (just an example). But yes I already thought it might be to repetitive.
  3. Hey; I am currently doing two bachelor degrees at an European university. My first degree is in economics and the second in philosophy. I only started my second degree in my second year at university therefore I will graduate in this degree one year later. The structure looks like this: Year 1: Economics Year 2: Economics and philosophy Year 3: Finish economics; continue philosophy Year 4: Finish philosophy I figured out that I can handle two programs at the same time well and therefore I am thinking about doing an economics related master degree during my fourth year. In this c
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