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  1. Similar situation. Procrastination and some urgent work in between. Submitted almost all applications on or one/two days before the deadlines. Fortunately I'd sent my GRE/TOEFL scores in advance to most so they ended up getting matched immediately and they processed my application, except one place that delayed it by a week. Don't worry too much about deadlines. For mid/late December deadlines, I don't think they start looking at the application till after holiday season anyway. I think typos are easily forgivable. I managed to get through most apps without major disasters, except the
  2. I would avoid anything beyond a passing mention about interests and writing talent in resume and SoP. Unless your writing is directly relevant to the program you're applying to.
  3. I'm equally worried, more so for the TOEFL than the GRE. For some weird reason, TOEFL scores take at least seven working days to be 'shipped' (what, they send paper reports???!), and another seven working days to reach the recipient. Combine this with the fact that many universities match scores manually, and it takes three weeks for your scores to show up at some places. GRE scores are better, usually reflecting within a day or two of the order. Though I faced your problem with one university, which updated both a week after the deadline, even though I'm sure the scores arrived well in advan
  4. Hi, While filling out my educational background for UCSB, I entered the wrong country for one of my institutions (damn my sausage fingers!) and selected the next entry in the drop down. I mailed them as soon as I discovered the mistake in the submitted application. Won't be too much of a problem I hope?? :/ <Didn't know where to post this>
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