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  1. When taking GRE, I filled out a survey, as some of other test takers did, I am sure. My GRE score turned out fairly high, but I did not get admitted anywhere I had applied. Now, a few days ago I unexpectedly got an e-mail from Pace University inviting me to apply to grad school there (deadline is June 1, so there is plenty of time). According to this e-mail, they contacted me because of that GRE survey I had filled out. Anyway, I am curious: how many people hear got invitations like that, and from what universities?
  2. I have a bachelors in electrical engineering, and I worked for two years in a research lab doing X-ray spectrometry: measurements, data processing, writing computer programs in C++. Then there was a gap in my career (I got married and had children:)), and now I would like to get a masters and return to engineering. I do not think I want to spend five years in graduate school, but one or two years would be just fine. I have been looking into petroleum eng and software eng, but am not limiting myself to these. I would really appreaciate any advice. Would anyone recommend the area o
  3. Evidently, they did not wait until Marhc 24 to make their decisions... browneyedgirl, has your status changed in the online application system?
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