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  1. Hey all! Newcomer around here. I'm a prospective grad student in clinical psychology, and I have a pretty strong application. I've developed an interest in a sub-field I didn't even know existed until a couple months ago: cross-cultural psychology. I am really interested in this area and have been researching it every chance I get, as well as reading a lot of anthropology. Specifically, I want to form a dissertation (and maybe even a career) on a clinical focus on this field, perhaps working with refugee populations, coping with culture shock, or international field work in psychology clinics. I'm serving in the Peace Corps and still have another year to go, so I'm applying for the Fall 2017 year and have time left to research, choose schools, etc. That's what I was hoping for help with. Does anyone know of a school or a professor doing research in something even remotely like this field? I am very interested in the work of Dr. Jefferson Fish, for example, but unfortunately he retired ten years ago. I've been unable to find someone doing the kind of work I want to do in a city that I am willing to live in. (I'm flexible, but it has to be a pretty metropolitan area or near a metropolitan area, and if overseas than in an English-speaking program.) Any point in the right direction would be very appreciated. And if you have any questions about the Peace Corps, feel free to ask!
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