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    Debt was touched on in the funding topic but I wanted to start a new topic because it's so important. I'm having a hard time determining how much debt makes financial sense for a MLIS degree. I have been accepted to a number of different schools but they are all out of state and extremely expensive. I didn't apply to my state school, even though it's great for LIS because I went there for undergrad and don't want to live there again. I want to go to Michigan, should I try to move there and get residency? How much debt do you plan on taking on?
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    My application status also still says no decision. I received an email on Tue (3/23) from Faye Brown though telling me that they have had some delays and that my status should appear on the website by early next week. She also mentioned that she had problems with her server and may have missed some emails but that everything is up and running now.
  3. To those who have gotten into Michigan- Have you heard anything about funding for their Masters program?
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