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  1. Yes, indeed. Congrats and good luck to you and everyone else here!
  2. Well well...visited a campus, attended a workshop, and I'm in love. Maybe they were just nice because I was a prospective. Hehe. But as far as I could see, everything went awesomely. Met current students, who were all wonderful, and the authors were fantastic. I have found my home for the next whatever years (actually like the city so much that I can see myself staying post MFA; we shall see). As for Columbia, it's the "update" link on your portal. There are a bunch of letters, which I too skipped. I have officially declined. On another, somewhat irrelevant, front: a certain Progra
  3. FYI: for all who are waiting on Columbia. Finally got their financial aid info. They're offering me 30K in scholarship and the maximum Federal Loan (20,500). By their own estimates, cost of attendance is 90K+/year.
  4. Have read so much about the "poopy" characters, but I suppose that's just like life, right? I just need to master the art of sifting through feedback to figure out what's useful and what isn't. I've heard about racism in MFA Programs before and recent comments I've seen on the results page have confirmed my suspicions of brewing anti immigrant sentiments, however faint at the moment. Perhaps because people believe we wouldn't make it to those Programs if it wasn't for diversity considerations. Not that I can't handle any such backlash, but I hate that it means I am not allowed to be flawed now
  5. I hope you do too! And do you celebrate Holi? Happy Holi if so!
  6. I respectfully turned down an offer from George Mason recently. They were sweet to me.
  7. You're not hallucinating. I haven't received an e-mail either. But, like @FalloutCoversEverything, it's irrelevant for me at this point. Visiting the campus of the Program I'm planning to accept the offer of. I request that all fingers here be kept crossed for me: everything about this Program has been on point so far. Their organization is impeccable. Loving the professors and the current students. The financial aid offer is immensely generous. My would be advisor is the dream mentor. What could possibly go wrong? Under normal circumstances, probably nothing. But I sometimes suspect that
  8. I was told 30K on the phone. Still waiting for the e-mail/letter. I'm assuming that's half tuition? With an estimated cost of attendance at 85K (could be conservative), no way in hell I'm taking out 55K/year in loans for an arts degree. Even if I wasn't given a full ride elsewhere, would rather wait another year than do that.
  9. Thank you. I suppose. Even though they have a very high acceptance rate compared to most others. In any case, I feel lucky and happy with the way things have turned out. Onto the new terror now, to the challenges ahead. The Program I'm gearing up to accept the offer of admitted three people this year. No chance of "hiding" amidst a large student body like I would have been able to at the NYC schools. I'M FREAKING TERRIFIED; WHERE THE EFF IS JESUS?!
  10. Congrats! Same here. I think I chuckled when he said the amount. I don't think I'd be able to afford them if I sold my kidney. Did you get the e-mail? I'm still waiting for mine. Grateful for the acceptance and kind phone call, though.
  11. Read that article a while back. Felt embarrassed for him, and I don't think I was able to finish. As for NYC schools, it would be nice if all schools spelled out the financial aid packages they are able to offer. I've noticed from the acceptances I have gotten so far that the ones that provide vague information about their funding on their websites are the lousiest ones. They know if they said how much $$ they have, the number of applications will likely decrease + quality of applications will go downhill. They won't be getting applications from serious people. That would be one advice I'
  12. Thanks! Not sweating it at all; just intrigued! And learning more and more about the politics that goes into the admissions process. I was invited to step into a similar (but not so obvious) trap by another Program yesterday and responded with a different approach just to see what happens. I'm curious. AND: just got rejected by Brooklyn College. (That $125 in application fees is going to haunt me for a long time!)
  13. You guys! Long time no see. First thing is first: congrats to all who got acceptances! And hugs for all who've been at the receiving end of rejections. I just got rejected by a certain university (after the weirdest exchange ever!). Even though I will probably write about this in public someday, can't go into detail right now because I actually work for said university in a temporary capacity (i.e. disposable like a kleenex) and I don't want to create problems for myself (when you have gotten involved in third world politics, then you can judge me for my paranoia :)). But just for
  14. This is very true! Also, I remember someone on Draft posting a link to some tool that allows low income people to get fee waivers for applications. @icantanymore ask around about these opportunities. (I'm now trying to remember why I didn't rigorously apply for fee waivers despite being unemployed...) THANK YOU! I'm gonna go make my first million with that and make you proud!
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