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  1. Hello, I am applying to various graduate programs for fall 2016 and am unsure if I should be applying to program-specific or general scholarships until I have been accepted to the university. What are your thoughts? Should I apply for scholarships while I'm waiting to be accepted? THANKS!
  2. Hello! I am applying to Public History and Archives programs for fall 2016. Where can I find some good scholarships and/or grants? Also, should I even start applying for the scholarships if I have not been accepted by the schools yet? Thanks!
  3. Thanks everyone! I emailed the departments that didn't give specific instructions.
  4. Thanks @ashiepoo72 and @TMA! The schools have given no directions about what kind of essay to submit or anything, but do say writing samples. Do you guys think this is something I should ask the history departments about for clarification? Otherwise I will take your advice and just submit one. Thanks!
  5. Hello! I am applying to history/public history programs for fall 2016. The grad schools I'm looking into say to send writing samples, but do not specify how many to send. So, how many essays should I send?
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