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    Digital humanities, social science at scale, information propagation as memes.
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  1. arefindk, I'd argue it depends more on what you want to do. If you're interested in the intersection of the digital humanities and complex systems, Indiana has the best opportunities in the country. Between the History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine, digitization efforts through the HathiTrust Research Collaborative and the IU Library System itself, you can't ask for a more coherent and effective approach (beyond the wealth of knowledge of professors in informatics such as Simon DeDeo as well as those in the College of Arts and Science). If you're looking for biologically-inspired computing, or related concepts, you'll be hard pressed at Northeastern to engage with a properly integrated medical school. Professors such as Luis Rocha, Predrag Radivojac and others have been working heavily with professors at the IU Medical Center in Indianapolis, not to mention the Regenstrief Institute (home to the largest stable repositories of heterogeneous medical records in the country, period.). If you want specifically network science, you still have heavyweights (such as Filippo Menczer, YY Ahn and Johan Bollen) working in the realm of social media, collective intelligence and economic systems/decision psychology. It's not a tough decision when you're trying to put together a research committee that has sufficient breadth to push you towards mastery of concepts that you'd want to go to Indiana to do network science. Beyond any of this, Indiana has unimpeachable connections to the Santa Fe Institute, a must when you're looking for networking opportunities within the complex systems community.
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