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  1. I would legit throw it all away to work in a basement office and report to a bald buff assistant director. LET'S DO IT
  2. Thank you, @FalloutCoversEverything~!! And just so I'm not spamming y'all, what's with that verbiage on the results board re: Brooklyn? Who's scolding whom?
  3. I'm headed to my #1 program this fall. I must've been a really good girl in some past life because I got an offer from what might've been another top choice. I withdrew from the Wisconsin, JHU, and UVA waitlists as soon as I made my decision so hopefully that helps.
  4. Lol. Who told him all of our loins were busted?? Fess up!
  5. Yeah, that's probably for the best. Makes you curious about what kind of applicant gets one of those precious few fully funded offers, though.
  6. Congrats! NYU!! Forgive my ignorance as I don't really know how waitlists work, but if someone turns down a funded offer does the program then take that same offer and give it to a waitlister? I know NYU has only a handful of those fellowships/work options but you never know, right?
  7. Same here. I pretty much have made my decision and I'm already excited to start but I feel like I need to wait for my last two programs before committing.
  8. Ah, thanks for the clarification.
  9. When I was first researching programs I kept running into the Brown Is Weird rumor? rep? but the faculty doesn't seem all that out there, aesthetically. But that doesn't stop me from imagining a cohort of Judy Funnies running around in berets.
  10. This is what I have, too. It's confusing because I do see people who had more straightforward rejections on the results page.
  11. Congrats @holycat!! I hope you get funding but if not you can always go to NYC post-mfa. It'll still be there, waiting for you!
  12. It's not even March yet! You are definitely getting ahead of yourself. Fingers crossed for your remaining schools!! Lol, I feel you. If only life had a backspace key. I legit feel like if I were suddenly forced to detail my literary influences or something I'd end up saying uhh... I like them books, what with the pictures and such.
  13. Nothing naive about it, I think. We're very much in the dark here. Once we've sent off our apps it's almost entirely conjecture on our part what's going on with these programs until we get that acceptance/rejection. No reason not to remain hopeful and optimistic! Is Ole Miss your #1, @Mao III? I'm feeling stupidly cheerful as I just had a delicious cheeseburger and it's in the low 80s here in LA. Anyway, congrats to that Brown poetry dude/ette from the results page. Such a fierce program!! You go, you! But the idea of having to speak coherently on the phone before being offered admission.
  14. Yeah, this is also why I'm thinking I didn't make it past Phase I. We're coming up on March now and it doesn't seem likely to me that they'd still be deliberating for Phase II. Then again, someone mentioned a few pages back that they were still reviewing apps mid-Feb (or so?).
  15. The results page is absolute chaos. Is ours the most bonkers MFA applicant group or what?
  16. Just wanted to say LOL to this whole thing. So I think the first/second week of March is when JHU and Brown notified in the past... I will be getting NOTHING done this time next week.
  17. They had to have, right? I think 2/17 is their deadline for receiving transcripts, app $, etc., from round 2 applicants--or so it says on their site. Or is that outdated info?
  18. Hmm margaritas. There's an idea. I, too, have my phone about six inches from my face at all times. My boss is uber-annoyed, to say the least.
  19. Deliciously salty, lol. Congrats, @gaudysideoftown!!
  20. I did!! BUT I am going to remain delusional/skeptical and see what happens tomorrow. For some reason I was expecting Michigan emails to go out on a Friday...
  21. If you're talking about that one Michigan acceptance it should be on this page: http://thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=creative+writing&t=a&o=&pp=100 You should rotate between searching for fiction, creative writing, and the school's name in the results. Or not, and keep your sanity.
  22. If you look up Michigan on the results someone says they called the office and were told that results are going out at the end of Feb. What am I to believe?? Still freaking out btw
  23. I think I've read that they do fire those out all at once but I hope not! Brb, freaking out(!!)
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