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  1. i've been wondering about the April 15th deadline myself.... I've been accepted into two programs with funding, and I am waiting to hear from one last school, the best program out of these three. I've already decided between the two I've been accepted to (let's say I've chosen school #2), but I don't want to officially accept my offer from school #2 until I've heard from school #3 (does the way I'm explaining this make sense?). BUT what if I don't hear from school #3 until AFTER the April 15 deadline? I will have had to accept my offer at school #2, but it's possible (and by no means certain)
  2. Well, are you going to be receiving any funding from Tufts? And are you planning on applying for a PhD afterward? I was in the exact same situation a few weeks ago, trying to decide between getting my MA in Classics at UCL or at a university stateside. I would have had funding here, but my boyfriend is English, and so that was a whole separate issue to consider. Luckily for me, I have just recently been accepted into a PhD program here, with funding, so my decision has become quite easy to make. But when I thought I did have to make the choice, I spoke to several of my advisors about it, and r
  3. emichele

    Classics 2010

    Who are people still waiting to hear from? I'm still waiting on Columbia and USC.... I emailed both programs about my app, but haven't heard anything definitive yet. I can't believe it's almost April!
  4. Thanks everyone for your replies! I guess the thing that I'm really attached to is... my bed. Which I bought myself after I graduated and is so nice and comfortable. And beds cost so much, so I don't really want to buy a new one. But tt seems like both options are going to be really expensive! Maybe we'll move into a studio and barely need any furniture at all....
  5. So I am most likely moving all the way across the country, from california to georgia. my boyfriend and I have been living together for almost three years, and we have a very full one bedroom apartment right now, full of stuff that we've taken the time to choose and take care of. Not that we have really nice furniture, but our apartment is very homey. I'm wondering if it would be better to move all of our stuff with us, or just move what we can take in our (very small, 2door honda civic) car and buy the big stuff there. What is everyone else doing?
  6. emichele

    Classics 2010

    I know someone who received a rejection from Virginia last week I believe, and UCLA had their visiting week last week. Has anyone heard anything from Columbia? I've noticed that there has been a lot of Columbia GSAS activity in the last week, is the Classics dept just behind everyone else? I have a paper to write this week, but I'm finding it very hard to be motivated about school right now....
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