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  1. Remembering It seems that once we start a new semester in school is going to take forever, but it is not true. If a student is attending school, working, and spending time with family, it is going to be the contrary. Instead, we are in the need of more time. Once, the semester is coming to an end, we experience more stress and anxiety. We start getting ready for finals, desperately trying to finish our work from all the classes. All often we turn in our final papers and exams and never think about the subjects of the courses again. I am a student studying Sociology. For Sociologist, it is important to not forget the material completely. The material is always relevant to our everyday life. It can also include the statistic class taken. One way of remembering is thinking about the most influential concept in the course that influenced ourselves. Another one can be, thinking about how social structure continues to shape our options and choices. Students should not forget everything that they once learned. It should not be taken by granted. We need to take into account that most things that we learn in school will help with our life.
  2. What are the best jobs to find relating Sociology?
  3. Nice, it is true that in order to enter a graduate school is a hard process. Everyone tends to feel anxiety by reading all the requirements needed. We all need to have faith that all the effort that we are doing is going to pay off. We just need to do our best and believe in ourselves.
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