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  1. Hi guys. I was wondering if any of you is also putting up with the agony of not hearing anything from BU. I applied for Systems Engineering in December and ever since nothing interesting has happened. Interestingly, admission results for other engineering programs at BU (including EE to which the SE program belongs) were being posted since the beginning of February on the admission results section of the cafe. Yet, nobody has posted anything regarding SE. A few days ago I sent an email to an administrative member of staff in the department and asked her if the SE division has already sent out any results. I received the terse reply that "Decisions should be going out soon." So, that makes me thinking that I can keep hopes. But I am not even sure of that. A whole lot in my life depends on this admission result. I am an international here and in order to start my studies I need to ask for a change of visa status which has recently become a very time consuming process. Therefore, receiving a late result endangers my chance of acquiring the right status and losing offers and scholarships. And that's not all. My husband is going to graduate in the next few months and start a job. So, it is upon me to tell him the city in which he should look for positions. He doesn't have a lot of time and... It's a freaky predicament causing severe headaches. So, please please please keep let me know if you heard anything from Systems Engineering PhD at BU. This means a lot to me. Thanks.
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