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  1. It was a full length email that started with: Dear (my name):Congratulations on your offer for admission to the University of Washington Graduate School for Autumn 2016.On behalf of the Department of Urban Design and Planning, welcome to the Master of Urban Planning (MUP) program! Then it goes into multiple paragraphs on the program's goals, merits, community, etc. Very thorough compared to some schools I've been accepted to. Then it was followed by an welcoming email/open house info by planning students association. When I checked the previous year's notices, it seemed some a
  2. @og_wamu yeah just the application page: https://apps.grad.uw.edu/applForAdmiss/ Click "check application" under action column and that's where I saw the update of the status. Hope this helps!
  3. Thanks @Amazing March! Although I'm going for masters, not phd. I applied to UW, Ohio State, U Colorado Denver, UVA, MIT, Harvard, Tufts, SUNY Buffalo, and Penn. So far in at UW, OSU, Colorado, Tufts, and Buffalo. Still waiting to hear from the other four. Looks like MIT notified in the first week of March last year, so I'm mainly anxious for that one right now..
  4. Hello, a fellow applicant here. I received an email from UW on Thursday. I just checked my portal and the status is now changed to "offer." Hope you got good news as well!
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