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  1. Try to get experience. Internships, or whatever. You are MUCH more likely to get hired (or so i've been told by the librarians who hire at my school) if you actually have experience.
  2. I was accepted to the Master's program. And No. I haven't heard anything, yet about funding!! My GPA is like 3.3 GRE - a bit above 1000 but I have a lot of experience, studied abroad, i'm a management major, english and asian studies minor, and I have some pretty stellar recommendation letters.
  3. Hmm interesting. On the GOOD NEWS side. I got an e-mail of acceptance from U Michigan today! They have a weekend visit set up, but I think that i'll be busy attending a wedding that weekend. They said that if I wanted to visit at another time, though, they could set that up as well.... So... we'll see!
  4. Oh geez! I should cross that one off my list of hopefuls....
  5. I have yet to hear back from any schools. I applied to Simmons, U Michigan, U Maryland, Washington, and Catholic U of America. I'm planning on visiting them second week of march - unless they reject me before then! Some of my friends (from sciency majors) told me to wait until they accepted me to actually go visit (cause they might offer to pay for a flight out?). I don't think this field is competitive or lucrative enough for them to do that, though. Any thoughts?
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