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  1. It genuinely didn't feel like an interview at all, rather an informal conversation. It was nice and not strenuous at all!
  2. I received my interview email from them originally in January, after my interview in February I received a formal offer last week.
  3. Nahh not yet! Lauren McGhee just said that we will be getting them in "late February" so i'm assuming like early next week since it's almost March haha
  4. In regard to Dartmouth, I know they had interviews this past weekend and they have more interviews this upcoming weekend. I was notified by email by the department chair though! In regard to Vanderbilt, I am still waiting for a response as well!
  5. Hey guys! Last month I was accepted into Johns Hopkins for chemistry. These are pretty general questions but I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about the department, about living in Baltimore, and other general tips about this institution. Also I was wondering if anyone was planning on going to their visitation weekend! Thanks!
  6. I just want to know if I'm over reaching with chemistry graduate programs with a concentration in biological chemistry, but applying to all chemistry departments. I am a junior with a QPA of 3.45 with my major GPA about a 3.4 I've done research for 2 and a half years with an internship and two REUs. With presentations at several ACS meetings. I haven't taken the GRE but I'm expecting about Q162 and V158. I'm unsure about taking the subject GRE. My LORs are all very strong. So far my list is Duke UVA Brown FSU UC Davis NC State Georgetown Please let me know if I'm overshooting. Thanks!
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