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  1. I am hesitating between the biostatistics master program at JHU and Vanderbilt. Johns Hopkins has always been my dream school, and its biostatistics department is one of the oldest and most prestigious ones, however, the tuition is just too expensive although 75% of them will be deducted in the second year. Also, I have concerns about the city Baltimore. I heard it is one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. Vanderbilt's biostat program is very new. I have asked lots of my advisors and professors, and they know little about its quality. The good thing about Vanderbilt is that it accepts only 4 master students, 4 PhD students each year, so the class is extremely small (around 8 people) and you can get the professor's full attention. Also, it offers 80% tuition off for both years and $1500 moving fees. I checked the curriculum in both programs, and there weren't much differences between them. They all offer trainings in Probability and Statistical Inference, GLM, Bayesian, and so on. So which program would you recommend in terms of education quality and future development? If they offer about the same things, I would definitely choose the less expensive one Thank you so much for your help!
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