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  1. Just as an update for all future readers. I have chosen SAIS as I had to submit my deposit today to retain the scholarship. @kd7432 Hmm, well frankly I'm not sure. I didn't apply to any of those schools because they didn't seem to have what I'm looking for. It seems to me that Georgetown MSFS is king when looking at area studies (I really don't know about McCourt). Since you're looking to do a PhD as well, have you tried to see which program would give you the opportunity to prepare best? On a personal level, I wouldn't want to live in Michigan or North Carolina, so I'd most likely c
  2. Thanks for the heads up! I have taken real analysis, but I'll probably take it again since I got a B. I think you've got a good point about the recommendations. Does anyone know whether TAships or RAships are available at SAIS? I had an inkling that the IDEV course would get me more attention from faculty.. But obviously this post is all about me questioning my decision. During undergrad I was terrible at forming relationships with professors, so I am sort of hoping by choosing IDEV I'd have a more structured environment where I could build a good reputation and recommendation letter
  3. Thank you @Ben414 and @mapiau for your responses. I think it's really hard for me to gauge how rigorous the IDEV econ courses at SAIS are. I've heard SAIS isn't as difficult as its reputation might suggest... But when I hear that it generally comes from someone trying to convince a prospective student that they need not be afraid of the required economics coursework. Blattman said on his blog any of the programs could be geared to be highly quantitative but at the time he went the MPA/ID was the standard bearer. But you're right, standalone the MPA at SIPA doesn't seem to be as highl
  4. Hello GCers, I have to decide within the next two days, so I'd appreciate some fast advice! Here's my situation: after a patchy undergrad degree where I bounced around majors and ended up with a ~3.6, I have been working in development in South America for 3 years. I want to study my PhD in economics focusing on the Pacific Pumas phenomenon (Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru) and how public debt plays a role in economic growth/stability. Up until today, I was pretty much set on going to SAIS in the IDEV program, where I have a scholarship that means I will only have to take out loan
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