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  1. Hi there! I think I'll be there for English. Still waiting on info on a few things, but.... how the hell do you get an apartment there?
  2. I contacted them on Friday with an email saying, hi guys, I'm sure you know this but the deadline to notify schools of a decision is April 15th, and I still haven't heard about my status from you yet. If I'm not in, please let me know; if I am, I'm concerned I won't have enough time to ask questions about the program before making a decision. Can you update me? I got an email back from one of the grad secretaries saying the other was handling it and she'd find out; then, no word. It's pretty silly and definitely negatively affects my view of their program! Fortunately I got into my top choice so I had nothing to lose by emailing that. I wonder what their review process is. I had called, too, last week, to inquire if it is true all the funding had been handed out-- and I got a very strange non-answer. If it has been handed out, then I'm doubly curious as to their review process.
  3. hadley13


    ps. how was your visit to the graduate center? what do you think of living in new york?
  4. hadley13


    hey there-- i got in for english. everyone in the english dept gets teaching, if you want it, it seems-- although i was also told that most students get one class their first semester (that's a whopping $3700 or something) but i'd get 2 because i have college teaching experience. i'm waiting to hear about a fellowship-- wasn't offered one in the first round, but if the folks who were offered decline, then i might get one. thing is, i can't tell how much of a real financial difference a fellowship makes (in english at CUNY). but i'm really in love with their faculty, each and every one of them, so i'd probably just suck it up financially if i decide it's the best place for me.
  5. hadley13

    Salt Lake City, UT

    Any other folks have more current thoughts on SLC?
  6. hadley13

    Bloomington, IN

    i grew up in bloomington (in the bryan park area actually)-- it's really a nice area, less undergrad-y than areas closer to campus. also check out the west side-- it's where a lot of "townies" live (meaning the young, arty locals) and usually pretty cheap. yeah, stay out of the stadium area and/or anywhere near the mall.
  7. hadley13

    Athens, GA

    does anyone have any ideas about the town? it sounds like it could be nice, mellow etc but i'm a little concerned about the southern-frat boy dynamic... hmmm...
  8. i turned down university of oregon (english lit) and told USC (creative writing) to take me off their waitlist.
  9. just got a rejection letter yesterday! happy to know anyhow....
  10. Here's what I got when I emailed: They are still in the process of reviewing applications. They usually contact those persons they are interested in by phone or email. This should be done by the end of March/first of April. All denial letters will be mailed out by April 15.
  11. I'm the one (I bet) whose post you read... I emailed them and they said I'd hear in the next 2 weeks (basically by the end of March).... I have heard from a number of folks that they're out of funding. For awhile I wondered if they just had some secretly-awesome way of evaluating apps, like dividing it by field (I'm Renaissance Lit) but no, it just sounds like they don't have their shit together. It's really frustrating-- because they know you have to notify by April 15th. And the out-of-funding thing is ridiculous, if it's just because you happened to be evaluated last. Doesn't make me have warm fuzzies about the program, like I did before...
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