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  1. Well this certainly is interesting. Here the culture is that the parents do most of the stuff for us, including college fees and what not. I have already saved up much from cash awards in competitions and semester positions; also from the internship and part-time jobs. If I were to stay in Pakistan and do my Masters, I'm pretty sure it would be a given that my parents pay for college, it would rather not be supported socially at all that I pay for my education. But the Masters abroad is quite expensive, especially because of the currency difference in dollars and PKR. Anyway, my situation is similar to yours, Heather - no dependents. I am quite hopeful, because before coming here I was quite sure the thought of me even applying is quixotic. Now I'm a little motivated!
  2. Thank you Heather 1011 for your help! I agree, it does seem a little work experience will make me more focused on what I want. I am thinking of applying for Fulbright next year, let's see. And yes Penn has been in one of my shortlisted schools, though I am still researching. Actually another reason for me to take a year off was to first get some relevant experience, and also to gather some money for the application process. And I appreciate your help too, Levon3. I will look into Vanderbelt. I was in fact wondering what blend of top-tier and middle-tier I must have in my shortlisted schools. It seems I still have a lot of research to do, thanks again for the starting point!
  3. Hello everyone, I'm Sumayya from Pakistan. I am about to graduate with a Bachelor's in Business Administration (BBA) Degree. I've always been interested in academia but I'm worried my degree is from a different discipline and I've had little experience in teaching. I'm new here so apologies if I sound a little sporadic, but I wanted you to look at my portfolio and let me know - If I stand a chance at HGSE. I've done a little research and EPM/Learning and Teaching/International Education Policy sounds like something I'd want to do. - What schools other than HGSE should I apply to, if I'm considering MS in Education (keeping in mind that financial aid is imperative for me), and how many schools on average does a person apply to - If I really don't stand a chance at HGSE, what other MS programs are suitable for me when you look at my portfolio So, here goes... CGPA: 3.88, Elective: 3.9 Experience: 2 internships (8 weeks each), one at an engineering consultancy firm's HR department, another as a digital marketeer and project associate at an NGO Advisory member for a social entrepreneurship society at my university, aimed to consult schools for the underprivileged (January-present) One year as the Head of Talent Management at my University's Alumni association aiming to provide merit-based loans for those who can't afford tuition (2015) Other experiences include several freelance writing jobs, digital art and the like. I've written an extensive research paper on Feminist Advertising as my final year project. I've also done several other projects including Consultancy reports, White Papers, Case Analysis etc., as part of the courses I took. I'm yet to give the GRE and write my SOP. But I am a meticulous and hard working and am quite certain I will do well on them (God willing). My LORs are also going to be strong, my university's Dean has also agreed to write me one. I'm also willing to take an year off to get some corporate experience, and perhaps even do a part time job as a lab instructor my university offered me. Would that make any difference? Any sort of help would be appreciated!
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