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  1. Thanks a lot for your answer. What about the fact that I attended the US uni? Can it waive from IELTS/TOEFL certificate submission?
  2. Hey, guys, I have submitted an application and noticed that my IELTS will expire before the classes start, but right now it is valid and it will stay so even after admission decision has been made. On the other hand, I have attended US university for the last 1 year but I haven't completed/earned the degree. In fact, I'm moving from one US uni to another one due to funding problems. 1) So will I have to go through IELTS/TOEFL test again? 2) Can I get admitted with so-far-valid IELTS and then submit a new certificate after admission?
  3. Hello everyone, I`m going to apply for PhD in Petroleum Engineering at Colorado School of Mines and I have received a message from department (reply to my message about funding) saying: "We do not make commitments to funding first semester graduate students. " Does it mean that they never fund first semester grad students? Or it just means that the funding is not guaranteed?
  4. Hi, guys So I attended some US university for 1 year doing PhD and then we decided with my adviser that it is my best interest if I look for a different lab and project. And now I`m going to apply for either MS or PhD program for Spring 2017 term at different universities and I don`t plan to hide the fact that I previously attended some US university, the problem is I don`t want to write about it in my SOP, like the reasons and etc. I understand that it would be better if I write but I don`t think it would be possible anyhow to give very reasonable explanations and moreover, whatever I wr
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