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  1. Could you elaborate on this point? Fascinating post, would love to hear more.
  2. Seems like we have a consensus (not to mention helpful tangential information), thanks everyone.
  3. During the early stages of finalizing a list of schools and prior to reaching out to specific POI professors/advisors, and just for some general introduction and figuring out "fit," is it more appropriate to email the director of graduate studies (or comparable position) or a department chair? Who is best equipped/willing to speak to prospective applicants? Both? Neither? It depends? I've heard conflicting advice on this so just wanted to canvass some opinions here.
  4. Thanks for the responses everyone. I'm still very much early in this process (if I commit to it it would be for the Fall 2018 application cycle) but it's heartening to hear it's not some completely outrageous notion. @ThirdSpace Thank you very much, if I go for it I'll likely take up your offer and shoot some questions your way. My major concern right now is I guess the same LOR concern a lot of people who have fallen out of touch with their professors have. I'd say mine is probably exacerbated by the fact that I only took a handful of English/literature related courses for the minor, and have even more limited options. Are there any other options beyond simply reaching out to the handful of professors I've had in the field?
  5. So I'm starting to think about applying for a PhD in English/Lit, and I have what I assume is a very non traditional background - Wall Street. I did my undergrad in Finance with an English minor, and have been working for 3 years. Does anyone have any insight into how this plays into the admissions process? Is anyone here, or has anyone here met anyone with a similar background at their programs/what are the stories?
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