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  1. JDD, Thanks for the insight. PTS is at the top of the list for me at the moment. When I visited my impression was they prefer students to do the MDiv over the two year masters? I was more open and leaning toward the MDiv after I visited awhile ago. From researching divinity schools like Harvard and Chicago - it seems like it would fit me well academically to a point but maybe not potentially for church work as other schools? Where it would almost be like a religious studies program rather than Christian theological formation naturally integrated in each class. I go back and forth on
  2. ChristoWitch87, I haven't looked into Colgate Rochester Cozer Divinity. Do people typically go there for ordination or are the vocation interest and tracks varied?
  3. sacklunch, Thanks for the suggestion. I have looked into some MSW hybrids with MDivs. I think I might be more drawn to the research angle of social work.
  4. Looking for input and advice on the following... Background: I did a ton of grad work at a conservative evangelical seminary MDiv program. Due to bad experiences as a female student, as well as realizing my limits as a female in that culture, alongside my theology changing and evolving, I left the program a couple years ago. Now I'm researching on returning to school. I have a lot of theology, church history, and some formal philosophy training from my MDiv. I don't mind retaking some foundational courses again as my credits are getting too old to qualify as a transfer anyways, and I
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