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  1. Hi everyone! Is anyone familiar with the major differences between University of Washington's MCB program versus Immunology? In terms of faculty, I've noticed a lot of the faculty I'm interested in are shared in both programs. But what about ranking? Or other thoughts about the two programs?
  2. Does anyone remember when Rockefeller's interviews will be? I vaguely remember them telling us in the application.
  3. Hi everyone! Do people usually submit their applications early for science PhD programs? I am planning on submitting to immunology/MCB programs and know the deadline is Dec 1 for most, but don't know if its bad to cut it close. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone! I am writing my research proposal on an immunology question (mechanism of specific CD4 T cell subset). Any advice on what field of study I should choose? I originally thought I would choose the "other" option for life sciences and write in immunology but have heard that's risky? Should I choose something like cell biology? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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