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  1. Thanks for the responses...All of them were helpful. Here is my background : I did my undergrad in Engineering from a top US school. I also dabbled in some religion courses there. I went to a denominational seminary (outside US). At the seminary I studied Greek and Syriac. I only have a basic introduction to Hebrew. Greek - moderate proficiency (1 year language course followed by 3 NT courses with exegetical work from Greek). Syriac - moderate proficiency (3 years language course followed by a certificate course after seminary.) So I guess use this upcoming one year program to study Hebrew, strengthen Biblical Languages, take upper level courses in Biblical Studies. Thanks for the responses.
  2. Hi I am new to the Forum. I have been perusing the boards for a while and decided to join recently. I am currently applying for ThM and STM programs. I have received acceptance to one of the programs. My interest is in NT studies. I am wondering how much (if at all) will this one year degree help me to get into a Ph.D program? And what can I do in the program in order to strengthen my application? Is there a preference between ThM and STM? I know that the general understanding is that ThM is more research oriented. However it seems like most of the ThM and STM programs are one year, 24 credit programs. Should I wait until I complete my one year program to apply for PhD or should I apply while I am in the program? (If I join Fall 2010 for thm/stm, could I apply for Fall 2011 for PhD? I know that the advantage of waiting would be that I could get recommendations from professors who taught me for more than one semester.) Best wishes to everyone applying this year. I am really new to the whole process and would appreciate any advice. -iocStudent
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