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  1. Damn, that one's hard to top. I think that my most cringeworthy mistake has been that I somehow didn't catch a misspelling of my previous advisor's name in one of my statements of purpose; this advisor is very big in our field and I am sure that misspellings will not go unnoticed. Unfortunately that advisor and I have nearly the same first name (differs by one letter) and my word processing program corrected it to my name's spelling. Not a world-ending mistake, necessarily, but it definitely makes me look like a massive idiot. Luckily (but also unfortunately) I caught it a few hours aft
  2. Re: the Princeton faculty facebook posts being discussed on the admissions list: did anyone actually see these? Just...wow.
  3. That's fantastic @runningwithquills!! Congratulations!
  4. Re: Brown interviews, I asked just about the same question a few days ago. Ha. It definitely seems to be around that time. @Bschaefer says that he and a friend had interviews a long time ago (i.e. 1+ month ago)-- I'm confused about that but am also not sure that those were the "official" formal interviews, if that makes sense? I met with a professor for what I would consider an "informal" interview at Yale, for example, in December.
  5. Not a more "formal" interview though, correct? My impression (from grad friends in the program) is that those happen later after all apps are turned in and looked at. Then again, I could be totally off-base in my understanding of the process. It's also possible that the timeline that I was given could be particular to applicants in my subgroup (Mesoamericanists), if that makes sense. Or I could simply be on the rejection list...who knows. Thank you for the response.
  6. Anyone heard anything from Brown yet? Historically they schedule interviews this week. Getting a little nervous.
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