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  1. Thanks for replying! Then as for your application, you applied Bioinformatics department? I think what worries me a lot is my working (researching experience) kinda letting me focus on a small area, but when applying for grad school, the committee will come from many areas, with only one or two sharing same interest as me. Previously, I thought my full-time job experience at university will be a plus for applying, but now it becomes a little worrying. Is this necessary? Or I guess my question is what the committee want from a fresh graduate vs someone with experience. But in al
  2. Hi everyone! I'm planning on applying PhD in bioinformatics this year, given an MS degree in biostatistics 2 years ago. I've been doing research mostly on EHR and machine learning on that, so my previous PI and I both think bioinformatics would be the best fit for me. Well one question comes to me a lot recently while researching programs... I found some PI doing great research and I'm quite interested in their projects, but it seems that many of the professors combining EHR and machine learning are from a CS department... which I think would not be realistic for me to apply,
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