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  1. And ideally without much work. I have the technical chops but want to leverage the OCR
  2. UC Berkeley UCLA etc Or even the same hiring companies you would get, as far as Big 4 and FAANG ? For any grad program I've been out of school for a couple years now and working on and off?
  3. I have a SWE background and yet wasn't able to get into the MSCS. A stanford degree opens massive opportunities in that industry. I'm curious which other masters might give me similar On Campus opportunities?
  4. Curious whether they do a Re Vera or Kroll background check. Also curious whether if you apply to two different programs at Stanford (two different departments) whether they may share information between both departments (ie if I modify and send out two dissimilar resumes to each depatment)?
  5. I imagine unlike undergrad, for admissions it has little impact. On things like funding it would have an impact, is my intutiion correct or not?
  6. Oh the 'odd thing' was that Manhattan Magoosh etc...aren't the best prep material. OGR is, altough its extremely limited. It's the best because a lot of the concepts are 'applied' more in tproblems during the actual test
  7. I do plan on retaking as soon as possible. Unfortunately it might be when I'm working full time. Is there a way to see the questions I got wrong and review them? Or only the topics are visible? I was also meticulous with my notes, how much review would you guys reccomend? Two three days worth just to get my timing back? Oddly enough one thing I noticed taking the GRE today I also wanted to know do your test centers allow you to use ear plugs and store drinks ON TOP of the locker like mine did today? It seemed to be a very accomodating test center
  8. I think eve nthough I had a serving of alcohol less than 48 hours and more than 24 hours before the test, I have little tolerance and it triggered my high blood pressure even 36 hours later. Woke up at 3:45 for an 11am exam, 40 minute traffic commute. North Jersey is VERY Hard to get a testing site 2 days beforehand. You basically have to go to Manhattan ($15 toll $60 parking) to get something that will match your timing/sleep schedule ideally. And the traffic could be hellacious. Got a 156 on Quant which is below the 158-160 and later on 163 I got on the preptests from Magoosh/Manhattan/Powerpep Felt a tight chest otherwise wasn't fatigued during the test. Was doing problems out of tiredness/subconsciously instead of actively. Got 6 sections and practiced enough that fatigue thankfully wasn't issue, but had a lto of high BP/anxiety on the second section, again doing things apssively. It sucks because so many of the questions were so much easier than what I practiced, had I been in the right straight of mind I think I would have easily shattered 160. I didn't get my percentiles yet, but anyone know if 156 cuts it for Stanford MSCS in quant? I know 750 on the old scale is what they wanted and at least 700. If this is say, a 720, is that good enough to apply with, anyone know the 95% percentile. I guess I can retake in 3 weeks as well but would have to spend a couple days repreparing and have job interviews to deal with.
  9. was the scrap paper better in either case? Which did you think was easier? I imagine less time per question on the paper based means more easy level questions?
  10. What is the new GRE cutoff for quantitative? I am getting 70% on both sections ~158 on Magoosh. I can definitely do better if I can think clearer and could get to 163 I gander. What is the cutoff and what is the average? I read 750 or minimum 700 but I don't know what that means in the new score system.
  11. 1. 1 hour swim day before exam? Yay, nay? 2. What is the variation of question difficulty in a section? I feel like I always get an easy question towards the end, one question hard in the beginning and from 12-15 in the math sections always the hardest.? 3. What percenatage of test takers take the exam and end up with an experimental section? Does it vary between written and computerized? 4. How much time to read each sections instructions? 5. Is a quant or verbal experimental generally less strenuous? ANY way to tell from the questions? I don't really care about my verbal score for engineering programs 6. How and when should I setup my scratchpad, does it use a pen or a marker, can I erase on it easily, do I have enough paper? 7. Caffeine break? Preferably a hot cup of coffee, is it possible during the 10 min break? to get even a red bull from my locker? 8. Can I bring my own earpeice/sound blockerss ? 8a. caffeine during latter half, I feel like this is a good strategy? Would I be able to walk out of the center to buy caffeine or go to my locker to buy caffeine? 9.Any limit on the number of bathroom breaks in case I want to walk around if I'm done early on a section or just stand up in place(any penalty for this)? I have two spinal hernias and its just to much of a PIA to seek accomodation, not to mention I no longer have insurance. Being in one position for so long is physically painful. Can I just walk out and tell the instructor on the way out or do I have to wait for them to come in 10.On a written GRE how much scrap apaper are you given? Do you have to handwrite your essays? On the GRE are you given a notebook with a marker or pencil?
  12. 28/M I dont have my dream job lined up and could frankly get better at coding. I did get an offer from a good office as a data scientist, but at a non tech company/consulting
  13. How would you guys say it stacks up against an MBA or even other post-Bacc degrees Stanford offers, as far as job recruitment? Would I be eligible for product and strategy positions that MBAs are recruited for? Also what is the coursework and evaluations like? Is it full of difficult exams full of coding, or projects/presentations. Things I feel will be worthwile and allow me to explore more of my own interests? I'm 7 years removed from a low undergrad GPA (at a top 10 institute) in liberal arts, and finished a masters degree in data science this year (at a regional university) with a high GPA. Can I substitute my GMAT for my GRE? I'm really unmotivated to study for another standardized exam... What was the lowest GRE/GPA combo accepted in the last three years? Does being a URM help or not? I'm seeing a lot of evidence it has no affect. How many units does a typical MSCS take in a quarter? Can one attend the program remotely? How do networking and OCR events work for remote or part-time students?
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