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  1. Thank you, everyone, for the help! I think it's easy for me (and probably a lot of other pre-grads) to blow conversations/hitches/etc. out of proportion. TryingAgain: What do you mean by "positive responses"? Like, they're taking it into consideration in regards to your partner's admission? Or just that they're supportive in general?
  2. I could really use a little advice on this one. I applied to schools with my boyfriend of several years, who is an undergrad transfer student in the sciences. So far, he's been accepted to a CSU, and I've been accepted to a UC that is 80 miles away. He's applied to the same UC, and I think he's an excellent candidate, but he may not hear about the admission decision until the END of April--and I'm expected to decide by April 15th. Is there any appropriate way for me to tell my program that I'm having trouble making this decision without that information? I don't want to look stupid, and somehow I feel like bringing up my "boyfriend" is a guaranteed way to look less academic and more airheaded. I'll probably end up going to this UC anyway, and just commuting if I have to, but it would make the situation significantly less stressful in the meantime.
  3. Davis is so far the best funding package offered to me (I only applied to two PhD programs). The aid seems fairly competitive, but maybe that's just because I've spent the last few years living in an area with no job market for BAs. I worked at a bookstore--both prestigious AND useful, at least if I'm going to write my dissertation on the linguistics of cash registers and employee handbook literature. From what I can see on craigslist, the housing in Davis seems pretty nice (gyms, free internet, etc.) and cheaper than the Bay Area. I've been living on less than the stipend in a more expensive city, but as I said, I probably have low standards. Even if the funding wasn't perfect, though, I'd probably still want to go; their program and classes just seem extra fascinating (I was happy to be contacted by Colin Milburn, since his classes look too cool; unfortunately there wasn't a lot of science fiction in my period, the 18th century, haha). Are any/most of you going in with your Master's? Sounds like you have your niches fairly laid out already.
  4. Hello! Hope it's all right to resurrect this thread. Just found it and I'm excited to "meet" some of my future classmates. I haven't 100% decided on Davis, but it looks pretty solid. I'm sorry to say my fields of study aren't quite as focused as some of yours yet, as I've taken a few years off after UG. So far I'm broadly looking at 18th C. Brit via satirists, gender, and science/medicine writing, with a completely separate interest in American Gothic. Is anyone else going to visit day on April 9th? Has anyone visited yet? Have you had much contact with students/faculty (I couldn't think of any good questions for Colin M., try as I might)?
  5. zcn

    UC Davis

    I got my acceptance letter and aid package for the English lit program (yay!), and am strongly considering going. Anyone other future Aggies? Any English students, and if so, 1. are you going to the preview day on April 9th, and 2. what have you heard about the program?
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