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  1. Hello, just wanted some feedback on my situation here. Last application cycle I was granted admission into two totally different programs (PhD in Clinical Psychology and the other in Neuroscience), although two programs I was interested in. I obviously had a tough decision since both programs were so different and I knew I would be giving up something. The neuroscience program is the one I chose and I was unsure about that decision since the day I made it back in April. I had my reasons (I didn't have to move far, the stipend was way better, and the course load seemed more manageable with research being the main focus), It was a very hard decision for me though, but I can't help but think that those were not good reasons especially considering how unhappy I am in my current program. So my main question here is, I saw that the professor who offered me his first pick last application cycle for the clinical psychology program is again accepting a student for 2017. I am considering reapplying. Any thoughts on this? I would obviously plan on talking with this professor first to make sure this wouldn't be a waste of my time and to explain that I made a mistake (for the record, although I thought the professor sounded disappointed after my rejection the first time, we didn't leave it on bad terms, there was an understanding, or at least that's what I took from it). But how do you all think that this professor and the admission committee would react to this change of events? Do you think they would welcome it in a way that is: Oh look this really good applicant I wanted last time is applying again, they'll definitely be a top candidate to consider. Or more like: This person blew their chance the first time, and clearly is not good at making the right decisions. How do we know that they are seriously interested? I know part of the battle here is how I frame it, I feel like I would explain my mistake and explain why I should have chosen this program to begin with, and how this mistake has bettered me in sense that now I know what the best decision was all along, and that if I were granted a position again with appropriate funding, I would most definitely accept, Thoughts?
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