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  1. Wait listed at University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Texas-Austin (much more concerned about Texas!) I know the UT wait list is not really ranked, so if your interests are early 20th century or women and gender studies, I am particularly interested in hearing that you've been accepted to a million fully funded Ivy programs and will be declining!
  2. Don't fret. Got the e-mail today, and as the U of C is my dream school, I am beyond happy. The e-mail was very personalized and mentioned my correspondence with professors, my SOP, etc, so I have a feeling that these acceptances will be sent out very incrementally.
  3. I have been spending a good deal of time considering this as I am wait listed at my top two schools and rejected everywhere else (which is actually not as terrible as it could be, I guess). At this point, I'm feeling that it's Hail Mary time. I am definitely going to send a note to the DGS at both schools. I am going to visit one school during my spring break and two professors have agreed to meet for coffee even though it is their spring break! So I'm going to write to the DGS letting him know who I met with, what we talked about, etc. In my note to the other school, I'm going to indicate how my studies are progressing (my senior thesis, etc) and that I am incredibly interested in going to their school. I feel your pain. The wait list is a confusing place to be. The best advice that a professor has given me is to be enthusiastic, don't disappear, but don't be pushy. Hope that helps! Good luck to everyone.
  4. I don't know about accepted student days, but I am definitely meeting with a professor at my top choice (which has wait listed me) in a couple of weeks. I am going to the city anyway, so I thought it would be a good way to get a better feel for the department and get my name in their heads in case I have to apply next year. My current professors told me that this is a wonderful idea and that it can only help my chances, although I'm not so sure. At this point, I feel I have very little to lose. I say go for it.
  5. Anyone else chilling on multiple wait lists? So far, these are my only leads, and although I'm happy not to be rejected, it's pretty painful. I'm just looking for some moral support and maybe some words of wisdom about anything I can do to get off the wait lists. Is it too late to be corresponding with professors to make an impression and try to get in?
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