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  1. University Suggestions! Fall 2018

    Let's say that I will apply to Cornell mscs, do I have a chance?
  2. My motivation to apply for a master is get more in-depth understanding of computer science and have specialization (AI and Computer Graphics are my favorite topics, I have not decided on a solid topic yet). So here is my profile: One of the top univesities in my country, with full scholarship CS major(3.65), math minor(3.92) (I don't if it worths mention but when only CS and math related courses are taken into account I have ~3.8 gpa (my univesity requires a lot of social courses) but it is not official) 2 Internships as SWE, 1 not related intenship experience, (1 to be completed this summer in abroad) 2 different teaching experiences at my university for a science course and the introduction to cs course. I have participated in Erasmus if it makes a difference and I have taken a master level course during Erasmus which required academic writing in a low level. I read a lot of papers about community detection algorithms and write an analysis on it focused on Newman-Girvan algorithm, passed with A. So this is basically all research experience that I have. No GRE and TOEFL scores yet. I think I wilk have a solid quantative score but so great for the others. I haven't talk to professors about LORs yet, but at the time that I will be applying, I will be working on my graduation project which is going to require some research. I might also work in Computer Graphics Lab during that time as well. Also if things go well, I might get a LOR from my manager (internship). I know LORs and SOP is really important when it comes to evaluation of the application. However, based on what I presented, can you suggest any master programs? Do I have a chance at top universities (both USA and Europe)?