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  1. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    no news from my side either (on NETI 9th cohort) in the meantime, some of you might be interested in this:
  2. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    no news for me. I have not heard anything from unicef since placed on the talent pool.
  3. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    great!:) and how are things going with your new job, Valery? do you like it?
  4. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    BTSBTS, I think you can mention in your UNICEF online profile that you are available only after a certain date (Update profile/availability). since we have 3-year time span for getting a NETI position, you can easily complete one year at your new job.
  5. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Unfortunatelly this is the negative side of this kind of recruiting schemes. I suppose (and hope!) that being in a Talent Group gives us a considerable advantage in the UNICEF's staffing process, compared to external applicants who are not in any of the Talent Groups. It would be interesting to know what ratio of available positions in UNICEF are actually filled in by candidates from Talent Groups; at least this would give us an idea about the chances we have. The worst part is that after this very long, very competitive, and mentally exhausting selection process, we don't even have the certainty that within these 3 years we will get an offer. I was selected in a simmilar Talent Group for another international organization and have been considered for a position only once during the 2 year validity period (which by the way I couldn't accept because it was too short-term position to be worth losing my current job for it). I know people who had simmilar negative experiences with being selected on IGO Talent Groups through very long and competitive processes and getting nothing out of it afterall. Waiting can last: take Carrotflower's example who waited for a year to get an offer. So the only thing we can do is wait and hope for the best, and think that if we eventually get an offer, chances are that we will end up working within an interesting environment on very exciting assignments, and then we would know that all this waiting and stress was worth it.
  6. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    I asked about it at the Q&A session. I was told that there is no cut off point; we can be recruited for a position any time within the 3 year span. All depends on our profiles' suitability to offices looking for new staff. So the exact time when we can be considered for an actual job is hard to predict since it depends on staffing needs of country/regional offices. If we don't get any news until May or June, we can still can get it any time aftern June. The only difference is that we would start working at the duty station long before the next induction session in NY. So our placements do not depend on these induction sessions. In other words, our "waiting and hoping" mode can last any amount of time, for up to three years.
  7. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    I am in a simmilar situation. I got the notification about being accepted for the Talent Group, had the Q&A skype session, and got no further news since then. But I was told that in case we are recruited for a NETI position after the June induction session, we are going to participate in the next year session.
  8. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Congratulations, jeremyhardy! I got my acceptance for M&E as well:) I am very happy for it, although uncertainty still continues. I hope it will not take 3 years to be contacted by a hiring office. Those of you who have been notified about being successfully selected for the talent pool (but not proposed a specific job), have you received any info after you got the notification? should I expect a Q&A session with the HR?
  9. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Congratulations, Valery and Carrotflowers! You finally got to the end of the process:) As far as I am concerned, waiting game is still on. My appl status is still "under review".
  10. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    only that in my case I dont know yet if I am accepted or not;) Thanks, Valery!
  11. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Congratulations, Tropicalguy! one more step succesfully passed;) I still dont have an answer and my online status is still 'under review'. But since they contacted my referees after the interview, I still have hopes... Valery, have they already proposed you a specific placement? it seems that you have been among the first notified about the talent pool placement in our job family and I was wondering how fast they are in finding matching jobs for the selected candidates.
  12. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    erpayo, you can check in the system if the referees have been contacted. when they contact referees, on the reference page there is a yellow bar (all above) indicating that referees have been contacted and no changes in reference data can be made anymore. in addition, next to each referee's name you would see marked 'requested' or 'completed', depending on reference submission status.
  13. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    to share test results; to notify rejected candidates after each stage of selection (if it is not already the case); and as carrotflowers rightly noted - to set up realistic timelines for each selection stage and to stick to them
  14. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    this must mean that you got it, Carrotflowers:) congratulations, and fingers crossed for getting the official response soon! i still have status 'appl under review'. I hope it will be over soon, because this whole process of selection brought me too much anxiety.
  15. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    thank you very much, Valery! I am still waiting for news