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  1. Is it just me or is the wait for grad school to begin, excruciating?

    1. speechfan222


      No I dont think its just you. Im excited to begin my program this Fall but Im also not ready for it to start yet. Im enjoying my summer by reading and relaxing. Im a huge bookworm and once school starts, I wont have time to read much for leisure. 

      Does your program start in August too? 

    2. Zauber


      @speechfan222 mine begins in September :)

      I've been reading and relaxing quite a bit myself but it's finally sinking in that I'm headed to grad school. It's been a major goal for me since I was around 16 to go and earn my PhD so it's a nervous excitement of sorts. Can't wait for it to begin, but also want the calm to persist for as long as it can :P 

    3. Ty


      Feeling Ready and not ready at the same time:)