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  1. NETI has its own HR people that administer the program, they ask you to let them know if you apply to a place by yourself. I don't know of anyone that has been to successfully apply from NETI to a job. Granted, the sample is super small.
  2. Any updates one month later? No change here.
  3. I've also wondered if being in a talent groups gives an advantage at all. Time will tell I guess.
  4. You got assigned to a country office? I for one am still waiting for that magical moment.
  5. I am in the same waiting boat. Hope we get placed!
  6. If you don't mind telling, where were you placed? Is it a regional office, country office? What country? Also carrotflowers, in the end you moved up to P3? Or is this the P2 position you were talking about a while ago?
  7. Got an e-mail saying I am in the pool. No different from what others have reported, will be contacted with further details. Does anyone know if it up to us to apply to positions or they automatically look at the pool?
  8. FYI, I broke down and asked. They told me to wait another month, so maybe we have a chance?
  9. Any updates anyone? I think it's still early to give up hope, but it'd be nice to hear from everyone else.
  10. You were placed in the general talent pool for NETI last time? And you had to apply again? Or was that a different thing?
  11. Valéry, you must tell us if it was good news. For everyone's sanity. Hope you did well though.
  12. Just had the M&E interview. Talent pool. Apparently a decision will be made in one month.
  13. Your interview invite said the post? Or was it given to you during the interview?
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