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  1. Lots of good news on the thread. Congrats everyone!!
  2. Great advice, @SLPlease?. As someone who has also been through two rounds of rejected applications, I completely agree with your advice to take some courses to boost GPA, get some more volunteer opportunities, and keep at it. I went and did a Master's, too, as I was told by a professor at UofT SLP that they find that applicants with MAs are well-suited to their programs (especially if it involved research in a related discipline). For finding good volunteer placements, I suggest contacting SLPs directly and avoiding going through general volunteer streams (at a hospital, for example). I
  3. I feel like sending out the recommendation and then it getting rejected would have to be for a major reason (fake transcripts or something similar). I think we would feel crushed if it was still up in the air and got switched around. That said I'm not-so patiently waiting for the official confirmation too. Although i didn't apply to most of the other schools I'm excited for the rest of you to hear back about the applications! The wait is almost over
  4. So it looks like the McGill group isn't able to be found via a search PM me your name on here and we can add you.
  5. Hi all. Hopefully this week brings more good news to all of you! For those who are going to be attending the McGill program, a Facebook group has been created so we can get to know each other before September. Search for Incoming McGill SLP Students - Sept 2017. Thanks to @linguistics_grad for making the group.
  6. I think that there are still people to call as no one has posted about waitlists yet. And there are still calls from UBC and the Ontario schools to look forward to. Still lots of time:)
  7. When I applied this year, I had graduated one year before with a Master of Arts degree, so I had been out for a while. My these supervisor was happy to write a reference, as she knows me quite well (we have kept in touch since then). The other reference I requested was from a professor who knew me in undergraduate and graduate school. Out of all academic options, she was the one who knew me best (although we both acknowledged that it had been a while which I took to mean it's not going to be the strongest reference ever). Should you have to apply for round three (I hope this year works out for
  8. Good to know there's another third time applicant in the forum My sGPA isn't overly high either (3.65), and I am slightly frustrated that my grades from the MA I did aren't included in any calculations. I agree that brains aren't the only important factor for clinicians. I hope that admissions processes factor in other aspects of an applicant's preparedness in the future. I am hoping that McGill and UBC consider grades along with significant volunteer/work experience as positive aspects to my application. If it's a no-go this time around in Canada, then I'd consider going to the US,
  9. I've only got UBC and McGill as options left here, and would be happy if either worked out. Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best here. Congrats to all of the offers of admission so far!
  10. Congrats! I just got a rejection email from them so everyone who applied should find out their results soon.
  11. That's great news. Thanks for contacting McMaster. I guess for those who applied to McMaster, we find out later on this week if we get invited to interviews. I'm wondering if anyone who lives in other parts of the country (aside from Ontario) will be making the last minute trek to Hamilton. I live in Alberta but would definitely make the trip. New Leaf flies straight to Hamilton from Edmonton, too, which is awesome. Also, I am curious about other plans that people might have in the unfortunate event that SLP doesn't work out this time around. Full disclosure: I've applied twice (to n
  12. The only reservation that I have about the new program is that it is not yet accredited (but they are confident that it will be with the first graduating class in 2019). Other than that, I think that it is great to have another option in Canada, to avoid going to the States (and racking up a huge amount of debt). In regards to the MMI process, I think it's great! I have heard anecdotal evidence from many SLPs that there is a growing problem with students getting in to the SLP program who are really smart but who have no communication skills or life experience. One, who teaches at one of t
  13. Hi princesst, You'll be fine to submit the application, as the transcripts need to be in to ORPAS by January 30th. Source: https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/orpas-transcript/ Good luck!
  14. @JessieBear I think you should put all of your volunteer experience on your application. I believe that it shows breadth of character and can only benefit your application. @hopefulspeechie52 I think that he is probably really busy but has the reference thing sorted. When I have sent in applications before, especially during the end of term and into finals, all of my references got them done and in on time. I had a similar experience with some of the profs, but they always pulled through. If you're really worried, just pop in during office hours and give a friendly reminder. If you feel
  15. From my experience, you don't get any specific reasons for rejection from the universities. They use a generic e-mail that says the usual reasons: it's very competitive, we get a lot of applications and we have a lot of qualified applicants who we cannot offer admission to, etc. I have tried to (politely) request more details, but those have been refused. It is really frustrating, but I guess all you can do is try to make your application more competitive the next year. If you have a chance to get more volunteer experience with different populations, I would suggest doing that as soon as
  16. @mizuro I just looked over the conversation I had with a friend who went through UBC SLP. He said that the program is pretty heavily research focused. He thinks that UofA graduates are better prepared to practice than UBC ones, as the UofA has a clinic on-site (UBC doesn't) and he found the UBC program to be heavily research focused. So to answer your question, yes, it seems like the general consensus is that the UBC program is really theoretical. If you have research experience, it probably won't hurt your application. No idea about competitive GRE scores. I'll be taking it in early Dece
  17. Hi everyone! This will be my third time applying, although to be honest my first two applications were rushed and may have been incomplete. I've got an early start this year, though. I have since taken two years off of applying to see if the motivation and desire was still there. Turns out that the answer is yes. By my calculation, my sub-GPA for undergrad is around 3.7, but I now have a MA in linguistics/child language acquisition (that I don't think counts towards the calculation). I have about 400 or so volunteer hours with infants, children, and adults, as well as resea
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