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  1. Luke_Duke

    Masters in Business vs. MBA

    Can anybody explain to me how a master's (MA or MS) in Business holds up against the traditional MBA? I notice a lot more colleges are offering both options. Plus, there are various concentration for the MA/MS, such as International Business, Economics, Finance, and Accounting. What kind of jobs would a person be qualified for with a master's in Business vs. the MBA? Will future employers view the MA/MS route as the "softer" grad school option or not necessarily?
  2. I have a previous master's degree, so I used to writing 20-25 page papers, but I've always had at least a semester to prioritize. Then, I decided to go back for a second master's in Education. This is the first time I've ever had a class where I'd have to write a 20 paper within two weeks. To say I've been overwhelmed has been an understatement. Has anybody had a similar experience?

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