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  1. I gotta LOL at this. I understand you. Sometimes I blame it on microsoft being stupid at recognizing words even though it's my fault......la la lalaaa
  2. I'm a senior in undergrad. I'm thinking of apply for Fall 09 to graduate school. This is because I obviously don't feel ready for the GRE and I haven't gotten recommendations yet (well so far I got one pending, and I'm asking 2 more professors for it. I'll go back on campus next term just to hunt them down, since they don't respond emails). Anyway, to get to the point, I was at Kaplan's site and I see they have this program called Admission Consultant that will guide people to write the SOP and lists schools that match their stats etc. Does anyone think it's helpful or would be helpful? Or
  3. Hey, I think i can answer your question on that. They actually don't offer any graduate courses for psych over the summer. I emailed them before and they said I could apply for Fall/Spring, and it's best to go in person to their psych department to see an advisor who will tell me what courses I could take. Did you get your recommendations yet? Mine are still pending.. argh...I better get them all by December latest. -__- I emailed the professors but they dont even respond back! http://maxweber.hunter.cuny.edu/psych/0 ... chor-48213
  4. Anyone know some safety schools for a flat 3.0 GPA? (Coming from SUNY Stony Brook) Though I haven't taken GRE yet. I see some schools list no minimum or just 3.0 minimum. I would like to go for Masters in General Psych or School Psych. I know my gpa is bad, but I do have a year of Research Assistant and Independent Research in Psychology to compensate a little. Would you recommend taking some course as a non-matriculate before I apply? I plan to take a year off to do some entry level work and prepare for GRE / Gre Psych before I apply. But I would like to know some safety schools. I was
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