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  1. will students usually email to set up rotations this early?
  2. For anyone who posted in the results search, when did you hear back from MIT biology?
  3. A professor told me that MIT collaborates a lot with harvard medical school, so maybe they do have a biomedical focus? Though I'm not sure as well
  4. Can anyone provide any insight on how these two programs compare to each other? Harvard BBS has a much larger faculty than MIT (~300 vs. ~70) - would this change the graduate school experience at all?
  5. Got the call too! I'm sure more will come tomorrow
  6. I guess not today? Does anyone have any information from the coordinator on when they will be sending out invites?
  7. i don't think anything came out today. maybe tomorrow
  8. Does anyone know when we hear back from Harvard BBS?
  9. apparently it should be sent out on wednesday?
  10. For anyone wondering, I just contacted the program administrator and she said that all the invites have been sent out
  11. Did your grad student host contact you directly?
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