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  1. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    No news either! Last I heard was in April saying the June induction had moved to October and asking me to fill in a questionnaire on which duty stations I'd be willing to take.
  2. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Hi SG, you are absolutely right that you can do that on your profile but the truth is I don't really trust the process to delay it even further! They take so long on everything anyway, I wouldn't want to give them a reason to delay me further or, when I hear from your experience and people you know, not to be placed at all. So I'm just seeing what comes up when and how compelling it is.
  3. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Yes exactly- for my part I've just started a new job (that I'm really enjoying!) so I wouldn't mind it being over a year from now although I did consider turning it down if NETI was imminent- very glad I didn't when I hear of your own experience of a talent group SG. I think my strategy of starting this new job will be sensible in the end but I do live in fear of being 'called up' within the 6 month mark and really annoying my new organisation. Oh well- these are all luxury problems and I don't want to seem ungrateful- to wait with grace is a very important character trait!;)
  4. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Thanks SG. Very useful. It would be very helpful to know their cut off point for that- for example if by say end of May we have no further news, we can assume a rollover on to next year's in take? (Would be very useful for life planning!)
  5. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    No TropicalGuy, I haven't had any discussions at all with them yet over country. I can't imagine I'll make the June induction as you have to know your country before you go and it's getting pretty tight. They said they had hoped to place us all by then but also said they couldn't guarantee it. Those who aren't placed in time for it and who go later in the year could have a induction around September apparently.
  6. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Hi all, Anyone been handed any firm details of the NY induction yet? Carrotflowers, are you in country yet?! Ive heard very little from HR since being offered the role.
  7. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Congrats SG! Great news. So I'm in a different pool from you but yes, after the initial 'you got it' email you then get another one which sets a time for a call to get and give some more info. But you're absolutely right to pace yourself for the continued waiting game- It's better waiting, but still waiting!
  8. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    I was told 5th-16th June and that it would likely be a full 2 weeks. (Some stuff online referenced a 1 or 2 week induction so I asked them about this and they said 2) I'm still waiting for my country office- it's nearly as bad as waiting to see if I'd got in at all! (well maybe not quite as bad!) In the meantime, I've applied for 2 posts proactively and let the team know. If I don't get sorted before June I'll roll over to another induction- not in a major rush so that would be fine. It's just the continual not knowing that is a bit unsettling.
  9. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Thanks Carrotflowers, yes that's my strategy for now;)
  10. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Congrats Carrotflowers! A few Qs from me if you don't mind: Did you interview with your country office or they just placed you and you accepted? When will you be moving to your country? For myself, I'm in something of a dilemma. I just signed a contract for a new job (a really good one!) and I start middle of April. I'd either really like a firm NETI offer before then so I can consider not starting the new job at all or alternatively start in 6 months or so's time so that I at least get some time in the new role. What do you all think?! How fast or slow will they be?! I know it's impossible to tell but just views would be useful.
  11. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Tropicalguy congrats!! That is great news!! So yes, on my call they explained there are two routes to job placement once in a pool. 1) Country offices proactively look on the central recruitment database where we are flagged as candidates who have been through this rigorous process and can contact us directly 2) You apply for jobs you see that you like the look of quoting that you are in a talent pool and letting your HR person know. They told me on the call they are aiming to have everyone placed by June, but of course can't confirm this as will depend on HR needs at the time. They market us heavily to offices to try to meet this goal.
  12. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Thanks so much Carrotflowers- had already clocked it and am doing some digging now!;)
  13. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    My online status also has changed to Assigned to Talent Group. SG_2016 I've also found the waiting very hard with this process and the best antidote I found to dealing with it is to apply for other jobs. It really made me focus my mind on other possibilities... But my fingers are still crossed for you.
  14. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Just got an email- was successful in getting in to the talent pool for P3 Social Policy. Absolutely delighted and so relieved to finally get a response! For info sharing, the email says that I am now in the talent pool for 3 years. This doesn't guarantee me a NETI post but any offices interested in my profile will now be able to contact me about them. If I get a NETI placement, induction will be in June in NYC. They said the NETI team will contact me to inquire about my specific interests and share further information related to the next steps. Good luck everyone! Really hoping for some more success stories on here.
  15. UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    No news here yet either (social policy) but references also contacted. Have a recent job offer which I've taken as figuring even if successful, it'll be a slow start given what Valery has said about a June HQ induction. On that note, thanks so much to all for the info sharing- really very useful in working it all out!