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  1. Cool! Hope your move here goes well (if you're not here already that is!).
  2. hi y'all. anyone else presenting at/attending SCMLA in october? if so, i just wanted to let people know that sigur ros is playing in nola the night of the 3rd as well! it's gonna be magic.
  3. LSU has actually been a part of the dicken's project/universe thing for some time now. what happens with the essay contest: anyone can submit an essay they wrote that year (whether for a class, article, diss chapter, etc) and it can be from any time period. the two who won this year, for example, are southern lit specialists! the winners are selected through blind readings. the winners get everything paid for (flights/board/etc) during the week-long universe. i meant to apply this year, but totally spaced the deadline. the dickens "winter" conference was just held here this weekend as well.
  4. In most cases you can submit to two, but only accept one at various conferences. sometimes you can participate in both if they're different types (a roundtable and a panel). sending in 10 proposals, for example, would not be cool. I would even say 3 is too many.
  5. or you could try broadening the schools you apply to... even within the geographical limit of the schools you have now in your signature, there are other legit options.
  6. does distance option = online? I don't know anyone who would suggest an online phd for a variety of reasons. also, are these funded offers?
  7. no, the winters sometimes really ARE that bad. the last winter before i moved south (2010) was the third snowiest winter of all time in MN and it was fucking helllllll. literal ice hell. sometimes they enact permanent snow emergencies until the snow melts because the snow will get so built up that a car cannot pass on a street if cars are parked on both sides. that said, minneapolis is still my second favorite city in the entire country and i would move back there in .2 seconds. edit: hm, maybe you're from MN. i do kind of wish i had been home for the thundersnow today. i love weird w
  8. grew up in colorado and went to undergrad at UMN. personally, i'd rather live in minneapolis than boulder... but the only EM person i had at UMN was garner who was obvs amazing.
  9. yeah, sometimes i think i'd prefer the oral version but i don't know. there's draw backs to each! i'm doing something similar, with more detailed notes for myself and then writing up brief summaries/analysis on a blog for my committee to read as that's what some other students in our program did. profs found it really helpful as they can go back and read them while they're writing your questions. the summaries help them too because god knows they're not reading everything on all these lists either! i've found it hard to make analytical comments about one of my lists, women's writing, becau
  10. taking my (phd) generals in August. 120ish texts across 3 lists. you pick up questions, one on each list, and have 6 weeks to write 3 20 page essays in response to each question. oral defense 2 weeks later, then you are ABD! woopwoop! I'm excited, but i'm not as deep into my lists as I should be by now. the downfield of having novels as your genre : SO MANY TO READ!! (edited so many times because I can't type on my fing iPhone!)
  11. i have a marc jacobs bag (http://www.shopbop.com/globetrotter-calamity-rei-bag-marc/vp/v=1/1572196283.htm?folderID=2534374302023816&s_kwcid=PTC%7Cpla%7C%7C%7C40769146697%7Cg%7C%7C15557953577&extid=SE_froogle_SC_usa-MARCJ4329512867) which i sadly admit to paying full price for. but, it's been worth every penny. it's the perfect post-coursework bag as it holds my laptop (11" air), planner, teaching materials, wallet, and a book or two (you can actually squish a lot in, but then it gets too heavy for the thinner shoulder strap). i wanted to buy a bag that would last several years while al
  12. speaking of wonderful scholars, your valerie traub came to LSU recently! super interesting to basically witness a workshopping of her new book rather than a traditional invited talk. she had some good advice for us too.
  13. my family is from there/lives there. I can give you general info, but not specific things like which part of town to live in as a grad student. let me know what you want to know.
  14. no. no one gets 24k worth of funding for a MASTERS. even the current student in the dept confirmed the stipend amount (12k/year being for their top candidates). i don't get why you would even lie about this, but okay. good luck.
  15. I'm pretty sure it's 12k a year... even the top programs with best funding barely top 10k a semester at the phd level. might wanna check your letter, OP... also, something about the wording screams troll to me...
  16. the only thing to know about MN weather is that it's inconsistent and you will have 30+degree fluctuations from one day to the next more than once a year. the last winter I lived in MN (AY 2010-11) was the third snowiest winter in MN history and let me tell you... I love snow and winter, but FUCK that much snow. that said, minneapolis is a truly amazing city. I'm happy to answer any questions about it or the dept (I did my undergrad at U of MN in English).
  17. the MFA is pretty highly ranked (I think top 20, but it's top 30 for sure). ~100ish is pretty standard for phd side.
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